KATLAS Technology

KATLAS design @R2R protocols operating on the plebble distributed network to enable complex workflows in healthcare (that can be repurposed for other industries).

The Problems

79% of organisations are failing to protect customer confidentiality.
Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records globally in first 6 months of 2019 (Forbes) with an estimated $527 billion annual financial damage of bad reputation.
90% of construction projects fail to complete within the agreed timeline due to lack of visibility.
Broken chain of custody is impeding adoption of AI. Healthcare AI companies raised almost $1.6B across 103 deals in Q3 2019.

The solution

We swap data storage for knowledge access by turning regulatory overhead into competitive advantage:

KATLAS offers a branded digital platform solution which organisations can 'White Label' to give them control, confidence & security in data management.


Private Ownership - Data owner stores the data (solving GDPR)

Optimisation - Security, audit and automation, complete, consistent.

Reduced - Confidentiality and storage issues.


No need for Intermediary

No need to store data in foreign system

Finality of settlement for multiple parties in one transaction

Integrated marketplace


Integrated 3rd party systems, Oracle and devices with AI and Interoperability

Integration with legacy systems

Real time data collection

Our Vision

We believe in the creation of self-managed societies where individuals and organisations operate in a more secure, respectful and participative environment. We believe it should be accessible to all by offering a global improvement in world-wide living standards.

We aim to eradicate the unnecessary waste of natural resources; to reward your contribution to saving a better world for the future by designing complete circular economies.

Our vision will be achieved through distributed P2P technologies that offer governments leadership and regulatory oversight.

Data Control
Control access to private information, automatic GDPR compliance, save time, money and reputation.
APIs to develop incompatible systems and help business execute their digital transformation strategy.
Private - Public Interoperability
Reducing the number of steps to complete workflows and negates duplication.
Capacity to create your own digital identity. Collect taxation revenues without breaching privacy rights.
Embedded distributed exchange plus personal token creation.

Core Strengths

Our solution is competitive, configurable and scalable for all size of organisation.
Light footprint, high speed and software on chip capability supports AI at the edge.
AI + Blockchain + Cloud
Supports an unbroken chain of custody and allows data to be harvested ethically
Integrating through our open protocol facilitates trusted 3rd party systems and offers the scalability to increase the speed of data transfer across the eosystem.
Data is immutable, tamperproof and validated by the whole network. Reduction in duplication and double spend. One source of data; immediate reconciliation.
Security & Compliance
Huge saving in time, money and reputational damage; as well as minimising the regulatory compliance and risk management overhead.

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