SMEs: Your data is not working for you

Data Ownership: Users cannot share verifiable data directly with the right systems at the right time to optimise efficiencies with safe analytics;

Monopolistic Power: Industry sector systems are being designed with large stakeholders in mind and not empowering SMEs with the tools and capabilities to participate in a joint roadmap to meet broader societal goals.

Privacy Concerns: Web 2.0 platforms collect extensive user data, raising privacy issues through data breaches and unauthorized access;

Security Vulnerabilities: SMEs are not being offered a shared ownership and governance model to address Web2.0 cybersecurity competitively;

Levelling-up will not be possible and SMEs will not compete globally without fair access to verifiable data in the world wide data marketplace.

What's the solution?

KATLAS provide the essential plumbing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems to deliver reliable data for automated decision making.

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