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Freight and logistics management using Distributed Governance

Transformation of a large international energy company's freight and logistics management using Distributed Governance for responsible innovation.

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Connecting freight and logistics with distributed governance

The Challenge

A large international energy company had problems matching vehicles to drivers, double booking of assets and people and preventing occasional fraud in the supply chain. This company was using an early blockchain solution that was storing data, couldn't connect to legacy systems and was expensive to upgrade and maintain.

The Solution

KATLAS was able to provide each driver and vehicle with an independent wallet and keys linked to a mobile client, which all systems could talk to for verifiable bookings and payments. The client now has an extensible system that links to current systems and puts them back in control of their data.
No longer were drivers and assets uploaded manually but scanned into the In-Vehicle Management System (IVMS) immediately. Drivers were now able to share the latest state of their credentials and availability, and vehicles able to match bookings to drivers, log their payload, and capture relevant IOT diagnostics.

The Result

Benefit - logistics could be sure their drivers had the necessary skills, the vehicles were maintained with insurances in place, and the goods being conveyed within contract parameters. So when thinsg did go wrong all stakeholders were able to mitigate effectively and reduce waste.
Measurement, verification and reporting (MVR) of carbon use was now complete and accessible to share with key stakeholders.

Manuel Di Toma , Director

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