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Responsible innovation in healthcare for sustainable AI lifecycle

AI offers numerous benefits to health diagnostics. It enhances accuracy by rapidly analyzing vast amounts of medical data, aiding in early disease detection and personalized treatment plans.

Clinica Arvila Magna
Transforming healthcare to a patient-centric consumer model

The Challenge

Infection with SARS-CoV-2 can cause cardiovascular problems for up to a year, not just during the acute phase, a large study has found.

Those who had had covid-19 had a 72% increased risk of heart failure, 63% increased risk of heart attack, and 52% increased risk of stroke compared with controls.

In order to monitor and evaluate patients remotely it is necessary to combine, secure and track multiple sources of patient data remotely with the use of computer proofs.

The Solution

MAI Health brings together the latest technologies to ensure GPs get one clear assisted view of the patient condition, offering complete privacy and safety in all communications and assuring intelligent responses in the most delicate and difficult situations.
Patients can now feed wearable IOT device data into their personal wallets for sharing with AI and clinicians. They are now able to self-manage their health programme and share progress with clinicians and programme evaluators. Charities, Insurance and funding authorities are now able to predict and prevent poor outcomes by directing resources before time.

The Result

Despite having more data sources to deal with, clinicians benefit from not having to spend time and effort on consolidating traditional data sources as well as integrating the new data from such remote devices and apps as this is taken care of by our technology.

Victor Oliveras Deulofeu, Diagnóstico Precoz y Prevención Cardiovascular

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The platform is designed to solve many use cases in healthcare and industry that require verification, privacy and interoperability between multiple stakeholders.

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