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VitruDAO – HealthTech Incubator

VitruDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization set up and governed by a Charitable Foundation to provide the tools and capabilities for physicians to provide a world class, global Web3 based Patient-Centered Data Management.

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Caucasian female doctor delivering telemedicine consultation to a patient

The Challenge

VitruDao is a consortium of Physicians that are looking to screen their patients remotely before booking scarce face-to-face time. By moving the the discovery process online they can guide the services they offer expediently.

Their current application 'LinkBox' is a questionnaire set that guides potential urology patients through a screening process. The data is captured centrally and managed by the physician.

The consortium wish to create personal health wallets for all their patients paired to their smart phone (or laptop), enabling them to access and share their data (records, referrals and prescriptions) with anyone, anytime, wherever they are in the world. It also empowers them to build a rich and powerful digital health persona that can be shared for personal and population health benefits.

Working with KATLAS, VITRUDAO is now able to create and host many thousands of custodial wallets for their patients real-time using a mobile application. Patients are in sole controllers of the keys to their wallet and are armed with the functionality to migrate their wallets to non-custodial options in their own home as they choose.


The Solution

A Web 3.0 blockchain platform which provides patient and provider wallets, upon which integrated dApps are developed. The flagship dApp on this platform is LinkBox Medical which is allows documentation automation.

The Result

The KATLAS eHealth platform and wallets aligns with the project goals of collaboration with entrepreneurial enterprises, medical/healthcare specialists and start-ups to include the shaping of a self-driven de-centralised healthcare wellbeing incubator/platform to catalyse further innovation on the path to commercial success and respond to changing market conditions and government policy.

Dr Joe Littlejohn, Director

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