Decentralised Governance

Hook-up to trust anchors for self-issued verifiable credentials linked on a decentralised ledger (trust graph).

A customer-centric solution for SMEs for self-managed services using assisted pathways.

Digital Security by Design (DSbD) to solve problems of trust and IP ownership across data supply chains.

A decentralised architecture is essential for self-issued verifiable credentials

Decentralised governance offers a superior architecture to a shared hub with a central authority.

Until now a secure public utility (information superhighway) operating as a 'bridge' between private systems did not exist. With our model, trade documents are self-issued as “verifiable credentials” by traders (eg invoices, way bills) or issued by a competent authority (eg certificates & permits) to the trader, to be stored privately in their own systems.

It is not what we do that is extraordinary it is how we do it.

KATLAS is an advance on the public distributed ledgers that are non-blockchain ledgers, designed specifically for decentralised identity purposes. These are preferred by standards' bodies as high performance, low cost and well suited to VC/DID usage. 

Our users can choose a hosted apps and wallets depending on their attitude to privacy and autonomy. Our health system allows GPs to issue digitally signed eReferrals and Prescriptions with an identity created and owned by the issuer (a.k.a self-sovereign identities).

The digital documents have a human friendly view that looks like the paper equivalent (but with a QR code that links to the encrypted digital version) to ensure digital transformation is inclusive. Your documents can be exchanged via any convenient method (email attachment, portal upload, API automation, even as a QR printed on the corresponding goods). The exchange method is not important because the security is built into the document itself. Any party that receives a document can verify its integrity and confirm the identity of the issuer. There is no dependency between issuer and verifier. There are no centralised hubs nor any need for numerous digital interfaces. Moving to a shared infrastructure where NFTs can be exchanged across systems with our private wallet interoperability.

By taking away the dependency between issuer and verifier SMEs – GPs, farmers, shippers, retailers can issue digital certificates to be safely negotiated along the supply chain in the same way as bank notes or ePassports.

The platform is designed to solve many use cases e.g. Healthcare and International Trade that require verification, privacy and interoperability.

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) suggests that interoperability with digital assets is more than a nice-to-have. Tokenisation is key to integrated real-time multi-stakeholder settlement with zero-trust automation with design that readily supports regulatory transaction reporting.

A highly configurable solution that suits your business.

Shared tools and capabilities for SMEs to join the supply chain

By owning a portable ‘web3.0 internet account’, SMEs can solve problems of trust, double spend and security, facing their markets directly on a shared digital infrastructure to enter the supply chain and compete from anywhere in the world.

Autonomous marketplace

SMEs can share credentials anonymously in the Metaverse / Web 3.0 marketplace - running personal or shared programmes (smart contracts) 24/365 that navigate machine readable regulations and optimise market discovery to source the best all-in fulfillment terms. Reducing the need for specialist staff and sharing costs of regulation.

Self manage your data

Empower your customers to build their digital twin/profile and arm them with the tools to analyse their needs in a trusted 2-way data share.

Our Core Strengths

Low Cost

Low Cost

Our solution is competitive, configurable and scalable for organisations of all sizes.

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

The host network can scale without limitation, and interoperate with multiple service providers and legacy systems.

AI + Blockchain + Cloud

AI + Blockchain + Cloud

Legacy client systems connect through KATLAS APIs for 'any-to-any' transactions with machines and participants.



Uniquely, KATLAS is designed to operate on very small and inexpensive hardware (Software on a Chip), to offer a cleaner and greener platform.



The platform is quantum resilient, providing a layer of 256 byte bitcoin encryption that has yet to be hacked in the real-world. KATLAS system can be configured to *256 bytes as required to provide long-term protection.

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