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Advanced clinical systems for knowledge based decision making

Clinica Arvila Magna
Advanced clinical systems MAIHealth

The Problem

Trusting 3rd parties with patient data has a track-record of FAILURE and is stifling the GPs economic model. GPs are denied the data and information to provide screening, diagnostics and continuous monitoring despite the advances in medical devices and AI.

  • Patient health records are dispersed
  • GPs lack the tools to monitor patients continuously
  • GPs cannot plan a patient’s journey from start to completion


  • Valuable data is lying dormant as systems cannot manage confidential data
  • Verifiable credentials are missing
  • No surety of data provenance


Advanced Health Model

  • Founded on Preventative, Personalized, Participative and Predictive care
  • Advanced Telemedicine – right place, right time
  • A complete picture of the patient condition including environmental factors
  • Development of the technologies necessary for the implementation of global health programs. (IT, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, etc.).
  • Statistical and predictive analysis of socio-labor and health data.
  • Scientific research (medical and technological).
  • Empower the User with a portable digital health wallet to manage records
  • Open APIs to access and share all health records


Is a combination of technologies that allow GPs to attend to patients’ immediate requirements and make clinical decisions remotely with a confidence previously unimaginable. With the aid of telecommunications, artificial intelligence, medical devices, patient heath records and blockchain security your system prioritises all your patients according to their need. Not only this, it enables more accurate planning of the patient journey – providing certainty and confidence to the patient and avoiding unnecessary journeys. Just as in your clinic, you can plan meetings and share documents with individuals or groups

MAI Health integrates with medical devices and an AI engines to provide a systematic methodology for the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease and broader long-term conditions. MAI Health has demonstrated speedy data gathering, management and presentation of information back to the individual in the form of their own personalised health wallet.

MAIHealth powered by KATLAS Technology offers health decision makers a real-time view of their patients and available capacity to deliver personalised treatments and care. PaaS service driven by a cloud services designed for UK Public Sector, GDPR compliant, based on Crown hosting datacentres, ensuring data sovereignty, with full support.

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