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Rapid Proof of Concept Incubator

Decentralised ecosystems can now be tested and deployed quickly with downloadable software linked to smart devices.
KATLAS offer a number of Show Kitchen Templates that can be readily re-fashioned for remote monitoring.

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Central systems have proven to be hurdles to sustainability, performance, fairness and data security at a time of growing regulatory demands. Competing systems are often inadequate and inefficient, due to duplication and double spend.

Decentralised governance has long held out the promise of overcoming recognised challenges where trust is missing from supply chains and markets. However many faults and mantras have persisted in the early rush to create digital currencies that has contaminated and slowed adoption and given central authorities and large corporations the opportunity to block progress.

KATLAS has studied the limitations of early blockchain adoption and has worked closely with a number of Universities and contributed to published research, including Surrey, Cambridge, Royal Holloway and Brunel. After 5yrs of R&D with partners in Health and International Trade we have built and tested our product which is now much more than an MVP. It is a rapid deployable capability for testing and incubating proofs of concept with a number of roles created that allow innovators to use or repurpose to run zero-trust test cases, enabling automation and disintermediation with verifiable credentials on a linked graph.

Decentralised ‘ecosystems of trust’ hold out the promise of overcoming significant bottlenecks that is slowing digital transformation.

We offer the hardware and downloadable software accessible online as blockchain-in-a-box (BIAB).


  • Small computer – raspberry pi,
  • Wearable Bluetooth device – watch to capture vital signs
  • Mobile application 
  • Supporting documentation and a regulatory template
  • Starter software for configurable user journey

Technology Stack

    Process: katlas-gov
    Values: Transparency, Traceability, Accountability.Process: katlas-gov
    Qualities: Public information: P2P communications (Not encrypted); Public algorithms (e.g. cryptocurrency ledger)
    Process: katlas-wallet
    Values: Opacity, Privacy, Secrecy
    Qualities: P2P encrypted communications; custom R2R protocolsP2P chat/audio/video streaming; Privacy smart wallet with trading capabilities.


An incubation sandbox to explore tokenised projects whereby transactions between entities can be recorded at a place in time, stored and shared across the network using open APIs and SLAs between consenting devices.

Plug-in Analytics

Data engines analyse data freely shared across a thin layer of blockchain secured distributed ledger for surety of data, increasing data literacy, accelerating the development of AI applications and enabling explainable AI.

KATLAS licence

KATLAS licence the wallets and protocols that inform transactional functionality across the network. These wallets are designed to communicate across the KATLAS Blockchain and are readily purposed to interoperate with other blockchain networks. KATLAS builds the functional protocols, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and provides the documentation support and consultancy which make ‘KATLAS’ the foremost technology stack (platform solution) for operating distributed applications.

KATLAS functional capability

  • Storage: Data is not stored on the blockchain, but is stored at the discretion of the client, on cloud or on-premise, and is necessarily only stored once but accessible to all, with permission at the unit (granular) level.
  • Sustainability: The software on a chip (SOC) runs on very small and inexpensive hardware such as a Raspberry Pi, to offer a cleaner and greener platform than present cloud architecture with more efficient workflows, thus reducing data warehousing.
  • Security: is quantum secure, ensuring data remains private and cannot be changed without audit.
  • Scalability: designed to work flexibly with external systems in a hybrid blockchain giving organisations complete flexibility in how they want to organise their data.
  • Performance: designed to process high volume and high velocity transactions, at the speed of visa.

Customer Benefits

  • Data Control: GDPR compliance with no need for 3rd party custody of sensitive data. Tamperproof – saving time, money and reputation.
  • Governance: Enabling wallet owners to control T&Cs for access to their network by certifying HR and procurement.
  • Public/ Private Interoperability: Less steps to complete workflows and enhance AI adoption. Negates duplication and double spend.
  • Anonymity: The blockchain uses a pseudonymous identity with credentials verified through a third-party identification service. In combination with steps taken to ensure differential privacy, this leads to a high degree of privacy protection for the individual.
  • Marketplace: Ability to pay-as-go and settle complex multi-stakeholder transactions with finality.
  • Highly scalable: Beyond the immediate functionality the host network can scale without limitation and is designed to interoperate with multiple service providers and legacy systems.
  • Reporting: KPI monitoring is flexible and real-time, with the consent of that data owner and without the need for data lakes; vulnerable to attack or superadministrator abuse or error. Trust across the supply chain is raised and disputes less frequent, without the need for litigation

Use Case – Patient Journey

KATLAS Health is a decentralised system to orchestrate a complete patient journey. KATLAS created 4 particular R2R (role-to-role) protocols that enable patients and other healthcare ‘actors’ to access and transact as necessary. The primary ‘actor’ (the Patient) plays a centric role in a typical series of journeys: An interaction with a GP (General Practitioner), an interaction with an AI Diagnostics device, an interaction with a Medical specialist; and a pharmacy. All clinicians can access a single patient summary record with dynamic patient consent on an integrated network system. Data booking systems are unique and intelligent, supported by real-time data analytics, to avoid any chance of double or conflicts in the patient journey.

Use Cases

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
KATLAS HEALTH is a system to orchestrate a complete patient journey.


KATLAS created 4 particular R2R (role-to-role) protocols that enable patients and other healthcare ‘actors’ to access and transact as necessary. The primary ‘actor’ (the Patient) plays

  • An interaction with a GP (General Practitioner)
  • An interaction with an AI Diagnostics device
  • An interaction with a Medical specialist
  • A tokenised interaction with a pharmacy

This Proof of Concept was delivered via a mobile phone/tablet app interface but can also be delivered via a web-browser or other suitable user interface.

Initial R&D was carried out with Clinica Arvila Magna, Barcelona for the integration with online AI Diagnostic devices (for screening and diagnosis of asymptomatic cardiovascular and respiratory conditions.

Summary USP

KATLAS offer industry innovators an immediately accessible blockchain-in-a-box, BIAB that includes the hardware and software and the documentation to create incubators that can scale to global projects; to converge with emerging technologies and support next generation service remote service delivery through metaverse presence on Internet 3.0.

KATLAS offers an unlimited network with pluggable capabilities, trackable and configurable regulatory adherence and accessible SDKs for rapid deployment and testing in low no code environments.

Initial R&D was carried out with Clinica Arvila Magna, Barcelona for the integration with online AI Diagnostic devices (for screening and diagnosis of asymptomatic cardiovascular and respiratory conditions).

Lluis Solanell Banegas, CEO y CTO en SOATHECAM Medical Research Company Ltd

KATLAS has overcome the early limitations of web 3 architecture, to deliver Visa transaction speeds, timestamped, with extensible cryptography, id surety, with agnostic interoperability with legacy systems and other blockchain systems.

KATLAS seek strategic partnerships for R&D, business development and rapid deployment.

Contact: Ken Garner, Head of Business Development –

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KATLAS provide the essential plumbing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems to deliver reliable data for automated decision making.

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