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Smart Containers for FASTLANE: Interoperability & Distributed Governance speeds traffic

Self-certification of origin and smart container tracking can alleviate congestion by providing real-time data to Port Authorities.


Enabling the fastlane: Interoperability & distributed governance speeds traffic


Border authorities are only able to inspect around 1% of around 1 billion sea containers[1] and even less of the 100 billion parcel shipments[2] per year, the problem of managing border risk against illicit goods and biosecurity threats is unprecedented. Identifying which import consignments to check will both increase seizures and FASTLANE legitimate imports. FASTLANE, an expedited container processing system, yields significant advantages for shippers, cargo owners, and society. It not only mitigates losses due to theft and transportation issues but also offers payload certainty and event monitoring, delivering tangible value. Freight and Logistics market size was valued at USD 14.85Bn in 2021 and is projected to grow to USD21bn by 2030. (4% CAGR)[3].





KATLAS empowers individuals and businesses with smart wallets and verifiable profiles to personalize services in digital marketplaces. Digital twins represented by personal wallets, interconnected via smart contracts with privacy protocols on a foundational decentralised platform, will advance the data interoperability essential to drive monumental transformation in digital innovation, green industrial growth and supply chain resilience globally.

Our proposition demonstrates how self-certification of origin and smart container tracking can alleviate congestion by providing real-time data to Port Authorities.

Smart Containers with distributed governance and AI enables businesses and individuals to proactively protect themselves and contribute to a safer society.

Blockchain and Data Security Solutions


Cargo breach detection solutions offer substantial value across various industries, employing proactive measures to detect and thwart cargo theft, loss, or damage. These solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies like IoT sensors, GPS tracking, and machine learning algorithms to oversee cargo from its source to its destination. Through real-time monitoring, stakeholders can promptly receive alerts if containers are unexpectedly opened or cargo tampering occurs. Beyond risk mitigation, these solutions enhance efficiency, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Thus, cargo breach detection solutions present a comprehensive approach to supply chain management, providing visibility and control, cost reduction, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The implementation of theft detection and prevention services offers numerous advantages, including minimizing losses, deterring criminal activities, fortifying security measures, establishing new revenue streams, safeguarding brand reputations, and elevating customer satisfaction.

Overall, the enhanced security engenders trust, confidence, and profitability, attracting customers who prioritize secure environments and, in turn, contributing to economic growth and social stability.

These technologies streamline insurance processes by swiftly identifying compromised containers, accelerating claims processing, reducing fraud, and enhancing financial security for insurers and customers alike.

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KATLAS provide the essential plumbing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems to deliver reliable data for automated decision making.

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