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Smart Containers for FASTLANE: Interoperability & Distributed Governance speeds traffic


Enabling the fastlane: Interoperability & distributed governance speeds traffic


Cargo breach detection solutions offer substantial value across various industries, employing proactive measures to detect and thwart cargo theft, loss, or damage. These solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies like IoT sensors, GPS tracking, and machine learning algorithms to oversee cargo from its source to its destination. Through real-time monitoring, stakeholders can promptly receive alerts if containers are unexpectedly opened or cargo tampering occurs. Beyond risk mitigation, these solutions enhance efficiency, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Thus, cargo breach detection solutions present a comprehensive approach to supply chain management, providing visibility and control, cost reduction, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Smart Containers with distributed goverance and AI enables businesses and individuals to proactively protect themselves and contribute to a safer society.


Reduce losses, deter criminal activities, enhance security measures, generate revenue streams, safeguard brand reputations and improve customer satisfaction.

Theft Detection and Prevention: Shippers and cargo owners gain from theft detection and prevention, reducing the risk of theft and loss during transit while safeguarding their reputation. These services also enhance efficiency, identifying flagged containers for swift inspection. The value extends to society, fostering safety and security, and reducing the need for increased security measures.

Deterrence of Criminal Activity: Cargo tampering and contraband insertion are major concerns. Detection and prevention reduce risks to public safety, even national security. Advanced technologies identify tamper and foreign objects, aiding law enforcement in intercepting illegal activities.

Increased Efficiency: Effective theft prevention streamlines operations and supply chains. Cargo tamper and electronic breach detection services facilitate faster border clearance, reducing delays and associated costs.

Increased Trust and Confidence: Enhanced security fosters productivity, profitability, and trust. Detecting and preventing breaches instills confidence, attracting customers who value secure environments, promoting economic growth, and social stability.

Enhanced Customs Controls – Security: Advanced breach detection improves public safety and security, helps meet international standards, and builds trust among trading partners, promoting economic growth and stability.

Revenue Generation: Breach detection identifies illegal imports, ensuring tax collection. It prevents smuggling, bolstering revenue collection efforts, and aids in implementing value-added tax (VAT) systems, contributing significantly to government income.

Facilitation of Legitimate Trade: Cargo breach detection expedites the processing of legitimate shipments, boosting economic growth, efficiency, and competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Brand Protection: Cargo breach detection safeguards brands by preventing counterfeit products, maintaining customer trust, and increasing market share.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Fraud in Insurance Mitigation and Subrogation: Breach detection helps insurers identify compromised containers swiftly, speeding up claims processing, reducing fraud, and protecting profitability. It ensures customers receive full compensation for losses and limits liability, enhancing overall financial security.

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