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International trade – Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Credentials on a decentralised public ledger solve some of the biggest challenges of our time, including levelling-up Trade Finance, Human Slavery and Sustainability Reporting.

Digital Wallet

Problems identified are getting bigger:

At around $1.7 Trillion the trade finance gap (i.e. trade finance requested but not approved) is heavily weighted against small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


With annual carbon emissions at around 25 billion tons and and 400 million tons of hazardous waste produced annually – and with approximately 25 million people in forced labour,

there is a rapidly increasing consumer demand for sustainable products. Nations that can prove the sustainability of their exported goods through verifiable supply chain transparency will enjoy both higher prices for their goods and lower tariffs as importing nations start to penalize un-sustainable imports.

Going digital often doesn’t cater for paper processes leaving many businesses excluded.

Government guidelines and regulations are often expensive to interpret – there is a lack of a shared legal services.


Web 3.0 as-a-service is a shared digital infrastructure. Unlike Apple, Google, and Amazon, we offer a common (public) utility operating as a ‘bridge’ between private systems, a customer-centric solution for SMEs to move away from managed services to self-managed services using assisted pathways.

Scalable: The infrastructure is not limited to one ecosystem. KATLAS supplies a configurable capability, consisting of unlimited private protocols operating across a public infrastructure – integrating trust anchors linked to a trust graph (decentralised ledger) to self-issue verifiable credentials to support automation.

Opportunity: By adopting a shared infrastructure, SMEs can secure confidential information in all transactions along the supply chain; are not constrained by walled gardens and benefit from the joint security and safety for all participants.

Shared membership: Create or join shared ecosystems of democratic business models for shared ownership and participation and technology support. With the KATLAS platform you can spin-up and close bespoke tokenised projects across complex environments with open-API interoperability.

For example, information from IoT devices, RFID tags and digital forms.

This direct, machine-to-machine link to the physical world significantly improves data quality.

Using blockchain technology overcomes the poor scalability and interoperability with existing legacy systems.

Organisations now have the opportunity to explore and test the technology through proof of concepts and pilots using our easy-to-learn-and-use "Blockchain in a Box".


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KATLAS provide the essential plumbing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems to deliver reliable data for automated decision making.

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