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Measuring and mitigating environmental impact

KATLAS is a data management system for companies to offer users personalised wallets to access services more directly.

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Blockchain’s ability to securely track and prove provenance is a perfect match for the circular economy.

The circular economy is not just about sustainability and recycling, it’s about assets and materials sustaining the highest potential value for the optimum period of time, maximising resource usage and reducing waste.

Blockchain technology enables the sharing and updating of asset information by securely and scalably linking transactions in a decentralised, peer-to-peer, network.

Katlas Blockchain is a Tier 1, Open Source, Turing complete blockchain platform designed to ensure that data is trackable but not hackable with transactions happening with the highest velocity and maximum throughput.

Blockchain technology can contribute significantly to the circular economy by reducing transaction costs, enhancing performance and improving communication along the supply chain together with ensuring ethical standards and human rights protection.

Each component will have its own supply chain, and it can be difficult, and possibly dangerous, to manage within a centralised single-point-of-failure system.

Katlas Blockchain provides a secure, shareable and scaleable solution to this problem.

Using blockchain tokenisation, circular purchases consumption or disposal creates sustainable motivation and encourages personal and corporate behaviour change beyond the abstract need to protect our environment.

For example, information from IoT devices, RFID tags and digital forms.

This direct, machine-to-machine link to the physical world significantly improves data quality.

Using blockchain technology overcomes the poor scalability and interoperability with existing legacy systems.

Organisations now have the opportunity to explore and test the technology through proof of concepts and pilots using our easy-to-learn-and-use "Blockchain in a Box".

With the fast growing global recognition of the enormous potential of blockchain, and with IoT, 5G, AI, ML and 3D print technology advancing so quickly, there has never been a better time to learn more about how this exciting technology could help you.

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