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Securing Communications for Robotics, Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

KATLAS is a data management system for companies to offer users personalised wallets to access services more directly.

Military man launching drones in field

Interest in Robotics, Drones and Autonomous is experiencing significant growth and is expanding into multiple fields of academic research, manufacturing, defence, ports and borders, agriculture, aquaculture, healthcare, and our day-to-day lives.

As with any other rapidly evolving technologies such as internet of things, 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning and 3D printing, robotics face numerous technical, particularly interoperability, challenges.

Blockchain technology has been identified as the most promising solution to resolve many of these issues such as identification of malicious/rogue nodes, malfunctioning/faults in automated processes, non-compliance to the agreed norms and privacy rules, security attacks on robotic systems, and non-transparency in performance monitoring and audits.

In particular, blockchain with its features like decentrality, immutability, provenance, low operational cost, tight access control, and trustworthy operations, can offer significant improvements to new applications and use cases driven by robotics.

Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is rapidly becoming the default global technology to monitor and manage complex Robotics, Drones and Autonomous Vehicle interactions.

This trend is driven by blockchains security, safety, immutability, transparency, shareability and scalability.

Blockchain technology enables the sharing and updating of asset information by securely and scalably linking transactions in a decentralised, peer-to-peer, network.

Katlas Blockchain is a Tier 1, Open Source, Turing complete blockchain platform designed to ensure that data is trackable but not hackable with transactions happening with the highest velocity and maximum throughput.

Another way to imagine Katlas blockchain is as a distributed ledger that removes the requirement for a trusted third-party to audit transactions.

Blockchain technology records information on transactions in real time in blocks which are cryptographically linked to each other to produce a secure, scaleable and shareable record of activity.

Blockchain adoption is now global and its Robotics, Drones and Autonomous Vehicles use cases are developing rapidly in many different fields.

Katlas blockchain has a lightweight design ideally suited to the limitations of a resource-constrained multi-vendor robotics system. The Katlas role-to-role consensus mechanism with its lightweight data structure enhances performance in terms of latency, energy, storage, and computation volume and velocity lending itself to a wide range of blockchain-based, AI enhanced robotics scenarios and applications.

"We can now be sure that our equipment is safely matched to users and communicates securely across the network".

Sina Sareh, Reader in Robotics, RCA

Organisations now have the opportunity to explore and test the technology through proof of concepts and pilots using our easy-to-learn-and-use "Blockchain in a Box".

With the fast growing global recognition of the enormous potential of blockchain, and with IoT, 5G, AI, ML and 3D print technology advancing so quickly, there has never been a better time to learn more about how this exciting technology could help you.

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