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SETTLE – Smart Energy Trading, Transfer & Logistics Ecosystem

KATLAS Smart Energy Trading, Transfer & Logistics Ecosystem involves a distributed network of energy storage systems that can store excess energy, share it within a community or grid, and even trade surplus energy with other users. 

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Distributed Energy Storage Systems (ESS) solve several problems in the energy sector:

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) offer grid reliability by storing excess energy to smooth peak demand management and help in seamless renewable integration. These capabilities are essential for curbing clean energy wastage, ensuring a stable grid voltage and frequency and lowering energy costs for commercial users.

Energy independence is fostered by generating, storing, and utilizing electricity locally, and thereby advancing environmental goals by reducing greenhouse emissions.

Distributed energy storage is the enabler for clean renewable energy sources which power remote areas with microgrids that offer reliable electricity off the central grid.

Overall, distributed energy storage systems play a crucial role in modernizing and optimizing the energy infrastructure, making it more reliable, sustainable, and resilient while enabling the integration of clean energy sources and reducing energy costs.

KATLAS Smart Energy Wallet Systems:

SETTLE constitutes a decentralized energy paradigm revolutionizing the way we harness and exchange electrical power. By involving a vast network of energy storage systems, our customers capture surplus energy, often derived from renewable sources like solar panels and wind turbines. Equipped with smart control and monitoring systems, we offer users granular control over their energy usage, enabling optimized charging and discharging schedules.

One of the core features is peer-to-peer energy sharing within local communities or microgrids, facilitated by our blockchain-based distributed governance platform to ensure transparency and trust. Users with surplus energy can directly transfer energy with neighbours, fostering a collaborative and sustainable energy ecosystem. These distributed systems also seamlessly interact with the main grid, allowing users to sell excess energy back to the grid or draw power when needed.

SETTLE allows users to participate in buying and selling surplus energy, to significantly reduce the reliance on centralized power plants, offering enhanced grid resilience and stability. Moreover, it promotes energy efficiency by minimizing transmission and distribution losses, coupled with a greater reliance on renewable energy sources.

The KATLAS wallet system: acts as a universal interoperability layer, seamlessly integrating new data points and sensors captured from various systems. Notably, the system demonstrates its functionality without relying on cloud access, enabling data transmission during the transit of multi-purpose vehicles such as submarines, aircraft, or military craft. This is achieved by leveraging existing communication devices with proven low power consumption, such as routers or Raspberry Pi Zero. The system guarantees dependable bandwidth, data quality, and connection stability, even in challenging environments such as extreme latitudes, underwater conditions, or dense urban settings.

“Katlas has a unique technology which can be used for responsible use of AI to enhance health research, education, space sustainability, and public services. Brunel University is delighted to work with Katlas to optimise its innovation.”

Dr Michael Joseph, Business Development Manager and RIEm Programme Lead, Brunel University London

The economic benefits are substantial, with users saving on electricity costs during peak-demand periods and potentially earning income through surplus energy sales.

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