The challenge for KATLASNET was turning a philosophical challenge in the way humans replicate and replace non-digital activities to a digital next generation society.

Here we discuss societal impact of blockchain more broadly. Please do contribute to the discussion...

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Disclaimer Observations and recommendations documented in this white paper are based on our opinions, experience, and research. They are as objective and representative as we can reasonably be, however Katlas makes no representation as to accuracy or fitness for purpose. About the Authors Edward Cole (CEO) and Derk Susijn (CRO) are Technology Industry experts with a proven ability to innovate and focus on customer requirements to deliver effective solutions. They have decades of experience and thought leadership based on a breadth of technical and global project experience spanning Investment Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, and Government, delivering sustainable technology to some of the world's largest companies. About Katlas Katlas is a UK based company that specialises in delivering a universal platform as a backbone to support Web 3.0 approaches. Katlas can provide fully commissioned solutions that include all the capabilities and professional services needed to deliver a distributed governance platform to support your business plan and grow with your business.