MAI Health

Katlas Technology has developed MAI Health, a clinical system comprising platforms and a portal that enables fast-track, remote monitoring of healthcare.

MAI Health integrates with medical devices and an AI engine (NEOS) to provide a Proximity Care Model (MAP), a systematic methodology for the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease and broader long-term conditions.

In pilot testing, MAI Health has demonstrated speedy data gathering, management and presentation of information back to the individual in the form of their own personalised health wallet.

This approach places the patient at the centre of their own healthcare. They can use findings from clinical screenings, socio-economic and lifestyle factors to consult with their GP remotely, who would then review findings, conduct an online diagnosis and prescription.

The implications for the NHS and other healthcare providers of this innovative patient-centred healthcare are considerable, including optimization of current health resources (human and technological), improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of patient and public health information management systems, rapid triage services and cost savings.

AI Health has the potential to revolutionise the way in which healthcare is delivered whilst preventing premature deaths from cardiovascular disease, the prime cause of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, namely the biggest killers of men and women in the UK.