22nd April 2022

Katlas Technology: Sustainable Waste Management

Guest blog written by Edward Cole, CEO at Katlas Technology as part of the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Week #techUKDigitalPS

Traditional waste disposal methods, such as landfilling or incineration, are being replaced by practices like recycling and recovery. To ensure accountability in these processes and combat issues like greenwashing, blockchain-secured distributed governance technology is increasingly employed. It offers transparency, verifies the rights to products and waste, aligns with legal and policy objectives by promoting sustainable waste management, and maintains privacy for both entities and individuals.

Why a Distributed Governance Solution?

Distributed Governance is emerging as the digital transformation technology of choice for monitoring and managing intricate waste management supply chains. It possesses key attributes including security, tamperproof governance, transparency, scalability, and interoperability. Compliance and KPI reporting is managed through regulatory nodes as plug-ins across the Trust Graph with transactions monitored with privacy based zero-knowledge proofs. 

What does “TRUSTLESS” mean?

No longer do you have to trust 3rd party super-administrators, open to external influence, mistakes and acting as a single point failure, instead data is managed by computers verifying credentials and agreeing the latest state of the ledger. 

Web3.0 Router

Accessible blockchain is edging towards global adoption as initial design faults are replaced with problem led design principles.

Our purpose: Through leadership in distributed governance, and a KATLAS Web3.0 router serving every household and business, we shall empower and inspire individuals and organisations to participate privately in a truly interactive and sustainable society.

Value to the industry: Digital twins represented by personal wallets, interconnected via smart contracts with privacy protocols on a foundational decentralised platform, will advance the data interoperability essential to drive monumental transformation in health innovation, green industrial growth and a resilient UK.

As global recognition of blockchain’s vast potential grows, alongside advancements in IoT, 5G, AI, ML, and 3D printing, the KATLAS Wallet system offers brings advantage to customers seeking digital transformation for surety in supply chains and faire access to the global online marketplaces. 

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