Download and install the apk file from your Android device.

Demo Wallet

Accessing the demo wallet

Be our demo buyer/patient using the following parameters:

IP address:
TCP Port: 16673
Channel: 0
PIN: 4101


Do shopping at the demo shop: Impact shopping

Patient journey

Actors (nodes):

These are example web interfaces fitted with scalable Role-to-Role (R2R™) protocols (aka smart contracts) to meet enterprise workflows running across the WEB3.0 network. KATLAS provide the tools and capabilities for you to repurpose and expand to your use cases.

Our Wallet System Whitepaper is available email: edward.cole@katlastechnology.io

Node + Non-Custodial Wallet

Run a node

On a fresh Debian 11 operating system (or Ubuntu 21.10, or Raspberry PI OS) type:

wget http://katlasnet.katlastechnology.io:16680/downloads/katlas_setup -O - | sudo bash

Let's discuss your project

Wondering if KATLAS is right for your business? Looking for a demo? Just curious? We're super excited to hear your ideas and help you imagine a new future for your enterprise.