Modern Slavery

KATLAS Technology Limited Modern Slavery Statement

4th February 2024

KATLAS is committed to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking from its operations and supply chains. We affirm our compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and declare the following:

KATLAS empowers individuals and business with the smart wallets and pipes to build ‘verifiable profiles’ that act as a digital representative to personalise, innovate and scale services in the digital marketplaces. This enables private communications and transactions to be free from discrimination by 3rd parties.

Briefly describe your company’s structure, operations, and supply chains.

Clearly state the anti-slavery policies in place, emphasizing a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery.
Risk Assessment:

Outline the steps taken to identify and assess the risk of slavery and human trafficking within your business and supply chains.
Due Diligence:

Highlight the due diligence processes undertaken, such as supplier assessments and audits, to ensure slavery-free practices.
Training and Awareness:

Communicate the training programs implemented for staff and suppliers to raise awareness and understanding of modern slavery risks.
Reporting Mechanism:

Provide details of any mechanism or channels available for reporting concerns related to modern slavery within the organization.
Effectiveness Measures:

Outline how the effectiveness of your anti-slavery measures is monitored and evaluated.
Future Commitments:

Express your commitment to continuous improvement, detailing any planned initiatives or steps to further address modern slavery.

[Name and Position]

This statement should be easily accessible on your website, linked from the homepage, and updated annually.

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