Billing and Settlement

Billing & Settlement

Manage your own ecosystem with fractional settlement of trades real-time.
Ensuring all stakeholders (machines and suppliers) are rewarded for their services without incurring unnecessary administrative overhead.


By storing your insurance documents in your portable digital wallet, hospital systems can accept your bookings and receive payment with confidence.

Insurance companies can better understand the demand for their policies.


The pharmacy can now fulfill prescriptions remotely and offer a delivery service that coordinates with patients and carers and fits with needs of the customer.

The pharmacy can now pay and receive digital micro-payments to satisfy taxes, delivery and charitable contributions.

Pharmacy can issue rewards and gain a closer understanding of their customer needs.

Subscription Services

Integrated payments enables deposits, credits and penalties to drive behavioural change; allows AI/ML analytical services to be paid on a transaction basis; and remote services and treatments to be accessed in the Metaverse with Web3.0 surety.

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