Collecting trusted, verifiable data directly from patients: authenticated, traceable, audit proof, based on consent

Integrating healthcare services seamlessly: improving the patient journey by smart algorithms integrating service providers

Offer a trusted channel for your patients: collect data on product quality or patient safety. Verifiable, irrefutable, offering the chance to follow-up on a specific case

Not just smart medical devices, but patient-centric ones: use data driven medical devices the ethical way, based on consent, fostering collaboration and supporting research

Optimise staff allocation and flexibility:  Enable smart rostering with a flexible workforce marketplace enabled through verifiable credentials (passports) to improve interoperability and overcome silos

Digital Health Wallet

The application of distributed governance principles to health data management provides solutions on user, client, and organizational levels, addressing issues like empowerment, data security, quantum resistance, and interoperability.

It aims to resolve problems such as users lacking visibility into their personal data's use, the need for redundant data sharing, and uncertain data security.

Additionally, distributed governance seeks to improve personalized service access and minimize the gap between users and services due to multiple third-party intermediaries.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By capturing high-frequency data like cardiovascular readings, stakeholders responsible for patient outcomes become directly connected. Health trackers generating this data must be linked to patients for essential medical assessments.

Research agencies need intelligence for evidence on innovative care approaches, while general practitioners require operational efficiency in delivering care.

Advanced Health Model

Predictive and preventative care: a personalised care service informed by a continuous monitoring and real-time benchmarking

Research: leveraging smart analytics to reduce the operational burden and ensure patient safety. Interacting directly with the individuals’ wallets generating valuable data

Global sharing: bridging jurisdictions to connect health data:
boosting wellbeing, fighting illness

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