KATLAS portable personal wallets allows patients to share the latest version of their complete self on-request, with hospitals and carers as and when needed.

Our connected smart hospital wallets enable supply chains to be monitored, procedures assurered and energy use spared.

Digital Health Wallet

  • Digital Health Wallet interoperability – local storage and control
  • Patient portable EHR profile made accessible to all health service providers at all times (mobile/web based)
  • Integrated pharmacy and payments
  • Smart bookings and referrals
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • AI/ML holds huge promise if you can show the source and demonstrate consent
  • Anonymised data to safeguard confidentiality
  • The next generation of healthcare is expected to include a greater degree of computer assisted diagnostics and care evaluation
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Advanced Health Model

  • Self-managing care by knowing yourself better
  • Development of the technologies necessary for the implementation of global health programs. (IT, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, etc.)
  • Statistical and predictive analysis of socio-labor and health data.
  • Global sharing of data for Scientific research (medical and technological)
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Healthcare use cases

Verification, privacy and interoperability between multiple stakeholders.

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