6th August 2022

Katlas Technology: Regulation to deliver a positive ROI

Guest blog written by Edward C. Cole, CEO, Founder at Katlas Technology as part of the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Week #techUKDigitalPS

Regulation for the marketplace of goods and services is often adding costs and making it more difficult for SMEs to compete, reducing choice and raising prices to the consumer. Remote visibility of compliance is not available and the use of the mk1 human eye to monitor ever-growing traffic is slow and prohibitively expensive.

How does a small African farmer shipping goods to the UK know that the forms he was asked to complete are the latest and correct version and are not going to cause a delay in the shipping supply chain, and how does the retailer know when to expect his goods and in what condition?

When there are so many processes and changing regulations, how does the Port Authority, Border Control, Defra and Customs and Excise get the intelligence they need before time, so that they can monitor traffic unobtrusively and with minimum delay whilst minimising fraud and associated negative outcomes to UK PLC and our trade partners.

Building collaborative systems require leadership and integrity – there is no better time for the Public Sector to influence and support the design of frameworks for collaboration across government and enterprise in the spirit of The Rochdale Pioneers and Lloyds of London, to deliver membership benefits through a membership platforms fit for the physical and cyber worlds of the future.

Of course, membership clubs, institutes of excellence, mutual societies and charitable foundations already exist and have tended to be limited to what they can usefully do well, collaborating with Universities in thought leadership, advising on standards and hosting networking events; coming up with rules and guidelines but not be able to monitor efficacious adoption.

Should the government look to the metaverse as a paradigm for service delivery?

It all comes down to TRUST or better still TRUSTLESS. How do you deliver systems that are not controlled by one central authority with the power to control who sees what, where, how and when, to discriminate according to personal and departmental prejudice and to sit on knowledge as a means of influence.

Imagine if you could transform (not replicate) your system, with low-cost computers that communicate with machines, devices and people using hardcoded rules (smart contracts) that can be easily altered (but not without visibility and not without consensus) and that empowers the users to store and control access to their own data?

That dream is a blockchain secure distributed ledger technology (DLT) where authority is dispersed across the ecosystem you have designed in such a way that services can be accessed without intermediaries, with micro-payments to incentive even the smallest contributions and information made available to anyone who plugs-in using a set of shared permissions. A future where everyone has multiple digital personalities tied to one digital entity with a smartphone access to your data and functional capabilities – calling AI through Hero Avatars such as Usain Bolt and Emma Raducanu to inspire behavioural change and better health.

In future the government won’t store individual and population data in antiquated systems, it will instead request permission to access entity and individual wallets running the reports and metrics they need remotely and respectfully.

In this metaverse, the government is able to monitor the effectiveness and adherence of regulations and predict the outcomes of policy change – a positive ROI.

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