The security and safety you need to build your web3.0 presence

A common (public) utility operating as a 'bridge' between private systems. Bringing interoperability and extensibility across siloed systems, avoiding the age old problem of dominant master servers and subordinate slave web2.0 architecture.

Highly Scalable

Human Resources



Verification, privacy and interoperability between multiple stakeholders.

Supply Chain

International Supply Chain

Distributed governance and a shared ownership platform to underpin a sustainable freight ecosystem.

Financial Markets


Automatized micro-energy trading to incentivize and unlock green industrial growth at scale.

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Zero-trust interoperability is accessible on cloud or on-premise for direct and personalised dialogue with customers - to improve efficiency for businesses in any industry, worldwide. Get in touch now for obligation-free advice and more information on our service offering.

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The service user journey is being replicated across enterprise use cases wherever a shared digital infrastructure is necessary to build trust across a business ecosystem

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A global leader in blockchain and data security solutions

The SME sector has key challenges in digitisation and cybersecurity. KATLAS enables SME's to access digital transformation without disruption; a cybersecure system with plug-in services (IOT and AI diagnostics) with immediate ROI and reduction in compliance overhead.

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