KATLAS - Intelligent Wallet System

Essential Plumbing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data Concerns

Data privacy will be the most important issue in the next decade (Forbes)
July 08, 2020 - US Healthcare saw a 49 % increase in hacking (Protenus Breach Barometer)
Data ownership is uncertain. Lack of trust is limiting the data available for research and diagnostics
Individual organisations are responsible for the standards and integrity of customer records

The Solution

KATLAS provide the essential plumbing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems to deliver reliable data for automated decision making.

The platform is designed to solve many use cases in healthcare and industry that require verification, privacy and interoperability between multiple stakeholders.

It provides a decentralised messaging application whereby users are given personalised wallets paired to their smartphone, that enables 'any-to-any' transactions across the network in a controlled and permissioned way.

The system's capabilities are supported with a blockchain layer.


Private Ownership - No need for 3rd party custody of sensitive data

Optimisation - Personal data can be shared for research with confidence

Reduced Litigation - Records are tamperproof


Integration - Integrates readily with legacy systems

Optimisation - Fewer steps required to complete a workflow

Enhancement - Facilitates the adoption of 3rd party applications, such as AI


Identity - Digital audit available for customer and IOT identity

Permission - Permits real-time consent of the data owner

Oversight - Reporting KPIs standardised across the network

Our Vision

KATLAS' mission is to empower individuals with control of their data. In doing so, our vision is to enable sharing, collaboration and fair value, in a world where data is fast becoming the most relevant commodity.

Data Control
Complete control over access to private information with automatic GDPR compliance, saving time, money and reputation.
Data is not stored on the blockchain, but is stored at the discretion of the client, on cloud or on-premise.
The security and permissioning controls require fewer steps to complete workflows and enhance AI adoption; negating data duplication and double spend.
A pseudonymous identity assuring a high degree of privacy for the individual.
Ability to pay-as-you-go and settle complex multi-stakeholder transactions with finality.

Core Strengths

Our solution is competitive, configurable and scalable for organisations of all sizes.
Highly Scalable
The host network can scale without limitation, and interoperate with multiple service providers and legacy systems.
AI + Blockchain + Cloud
Legacy client systems connect through KATLAS APIs for 'any-to-any' transactions with machines and participants.
Uniquely, KATLAS is designed to operate on very small and inexpensive hardware (Raspberry PIs), to offer a cleaner and greener platform.
The platform is quantum secure, providing the ‘essential plumbing’ that ensures that data is protected and tamperproof.

Our Team


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