Our mission is to empower SMEs and employees to organise themselves with more autonomy, democracy and ownership. By creating digital personas to speed market transactions with anyone from anywhere at anytime with surety. A customer-centric solution for SMEs and individuals to self-manage their data with assisted pathways.

Edward Cole

CEO & Sales Engineer

Experience in markets risk management/reporting, digital trading platforms with optimised discovery and execution processes and the automation of settlement at UBS, HSBC and Bank of America. Pioneered a modern way to insure satellite risk using proprietary MOD R&D.

Marcos Mayorga

CTO & Lead Developer

Blockchain & DMS specialist. Airbus simulation, engineering on cryptographic platform security.

Esh Tatla

MedTech Analyst

Societal Leadership - MedTech Foundation is a University of Nottingham spoke of a student led collaborative society, which provided a platform for the exploration and appreciation of emerging innovative medical technology.

Alkesh Acharya

Solutions Architect - NED

Blockchain; Machine Learning; A.I; Smart Contract Development; Network and Systems Security; Technical Specifications Development; Policy Planning / Implementation.

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